Dimap offers for your smaller projects now also Hyperspectral and Lidar surfaces based on UAV

In the light of new technology with smaller sensors and more powerful UAV systems as well as costs pressure Dimap integrated in their offer now also UAV based Lidar, Imaging and Hyperspectral sensors. Based on proven technologies and established workflows that includes the high end Riegl Minivux UAV. The Lidar is still capable of full waveform detection and can record multiple targets with one short. Processing to terrain and surface models as well as derived products like geological structure analysis and surface hydrology are provided by established workflow.

The SWIR hyperspectral sensor (1000 – 2500nm) allows mineral mapping, pollution identification but also for instance urban mapping tasks from a UAV base. With 300 bands data are well integrated in the inside Dimap existing workflows.

Lidar or Hyperspectral sensor are installed in a high performance Optocopter with a maximal flying time of up to 45 minutes based on preprogram flying areas or corridors. The typical flying height is around between 200 and 1000ft. The UAV is CE and EASA certified and piloted by trained and certified personal. The system is equipped with a parachute system in case of failing propulsion systems or loss of stability to allow safe operations in urban and critical areas.

We would be delighted to support your exploration or mapping projects with based on our new UAV platforms or the aircraft installations with Lidar, Cameras and Hyperspectral sensor data and their processing.