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Workswell WIRIS® Pro Key features description

Super Resolution Mode WIRIS Pro takes Super Resolution Mode 1.3Mpx IR images in one shot

Operating onboard system


WIRIS OS for full real-time data streaming and control during the flight

operating system ensures the full access to all camera function

easy camera control via S.Bus, CAN bus, MavLink, RJ-45, or Trigger

10x Optical Antivibration zoom Full HD 10x optical zoom camera with anti-vibration compensation
IR camera resolution 640 x 512 pixels
IR Super Resolution Mode 1 266 x 1 010 pixels (improvement of native resolution up to 1.3 Mpx)
FPA active sensor size 1.088 x 0.8705 cm
Temperature ranges



-25 °C to +150 °C

-40 °C to +550 °C

optional temperature range 50 °C to 1 000 °C

optional temperature range 400 °C to 1 500 °C

Temperature sensitivity Standard 0.05 °C (50 mK) or optional 0.03 °C (30 mK)
Accuracy ±2 % or ±2 °C
Frame rate 30 Hz or 9 Hz
Spectral range/detector 7.5 – 13.5 μm / Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Calibration of each lens The package includes a calibration certificate
Available lenses 18°, 32°, 45°, 69° (exchangeable lenses, all calibrated), visit the FOV calculator
Protective filter on the lens The filter protects the lens against external damage during the flight
Digital zoom 1 – 14x continuous

1 920 x 1 080 pixels (Full HD), 1/3” sensor, Auto white balance, 

Wide dynamic range, Backlight compensation, 

Exposure and Gamma control

Optical zoom 10x optical zoom with vibration compensation
View angle ultra zoom 6.9° – extra wide 58.2°, focal 33.0 mm – 3.3 mm
Noise reduction Special 3D noise reduction function
Focus Autofocus with Direct Focus Zoom synchronization

FLIR SC7000-Series

  • 640×512 pixel Some models of the SC-Series offer a high-resolution detector with 640 x 512 pixels for high image accuracy.
  • High-Speed-IR-Windowing The FLIR SC7000 features a high-speed windowing mode for recording speeds of up to a few kHz.
  • Camera synchronization for real-time processing with digital I / O and image markers.
  • Analog value acquisition with image-synchronous mapping for real-time acquisition of external measurements.
  • Extremely high sensitivity < 20 mK for finest image details and capturing of smallest temperature differences.
  • GigE Vision™ standard for data transfer over long distances and to laptops.
  • CamLink™ interface for robust industry-standard data transfer.


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