GIS application

  • Generation of orthophotos, contours and vector data sets for all common GIS and CAD systems
  • Cadastral mapping and change detection on public and private properties
  • Mapping of infrastructure and public assets including the incorporation of ground based survey methods


  • 3D-modelling and support of planning systems
  • Mapping of surface water systems and incorporation of drainage and storm water systems, flood modelling
  • Heat island analysis in urban structures including micro climate calculations based on 3-dimensional air flow models
  • Power line mapping and monitoring of transmission and distribution lines

Environmental and sustainability

  • Mapping of vegetation parameter, species, health and stress including information about irrigation on public and private ground and urban forestry
  • Calibrated Biomass and Carbon estimation for solitary trees, groups and forest
  • Detailed analysis of buildings using the data fusion between sensors to describe the energy efficiency of public and private buildings
  • Identification of pollution and monitoring of risk areas