Government departments, forestry companies and environmentalists use Dimap’s multi-sensor solutions because we present the following solutions:

Environmental Mapping:

  • Mapping of vegetation communities and habitat structures including, aquatic systems
  • Mapping of pollution scenarios on and offshore
  • Change analysis and regular mapping of risk areas (e.g. injection bore fields)
  • Emergency mapping of disaster scenarios including fast track processing to vector
  • Hydrology mapping and water flow models including mapping of oil and chemical
  • Pipeline leakage detection
  • Mapping of re-cultivation scenarios to monitor success and legal conformity
  • Energy rating of buildings and infrastructure
  • Heat island analysis in urban structures including microclimate calculations based on 3-dimensional air flow models

Forestry Support:

  • Statistical and full area forestry inventory data collection in plantation and structured forests
  • Calibrated biomass, carbon and stock estimation mapping in managed and unmanaged forests
  • Individual tree detection including species, health and growth analysis
  • Infrastructure mapping and planning of maintenance and harvesting activities based on detailed spatial data
  • Early stage pest detection based on vegetation health parameters