About Us

For almost two decades, Dimap has provided both, Hyperspectral and LiDar services for multiple applications, mainly around the mining industry. Today, the Dimap Group is active worldwide and the only commercial provider of complex Hyperspectral based multi-sensory surveys, including up to seven sensors in one flight for analysis of complex scenarios, and at lower costs than classical methods. Dimap has a worldwide sales network and has worked in projects on all continents. Since Dimap’s establishment, we have provided the mapping of pollution in water, air and on the ground from multiple sources. Dimap is currently expanding and developing it’s own applications, working closely with Academic and Industrial partners.


  • ¬†High resolutions¬†Hasselblad¬†cameras set for 3D modelling
  • Full waveform light detection and ranging (LiDAR) for 632nm (water penetrating), 1064nm and 1552nm for land surveys
  • Hyperspectral multiband VNIR and SWIR sensors
  • Midwave Thermal infrared cameras and Longwave Thermal Hyperspectral scanners
  • Ground GPS, field spectrometer and laboratory support tools


  • Hyperspectral analysis of geology and geomorphology
  • Mineral mapping
  • Gas leakage detection
  • Monitoring of vegetation health
  • Tree counts and canopy models
  • Environmental monitoring of dust pollution
  • Erosion monitoring and mineral analysis in cliff faces
  • Carbon foot printing models
  • Thermal monitoring of urban areas
  • Pollution monitoring in air

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